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July 22nd, 2010 · 2 Comments

“Kindness” was the focus of class on Tuesday.

In Nia, once we set the focus, we step into the practice.  We can step into kindness again and again as our practice.  Kindness is always present.  The body is your cocoon of kindness.  Kindness is inside the body.  The body’s own kind.  Your kind of kindness.

Cultivate the strength to move toward kindness and away from fear.

Kindly hold your body in your arms.  Touch the body with kindness.  Touch kindness itself.  Pour kindness into your body and your heart.  Offer kindness to your head — kindness to the thinking mind and kindness to the physical head.  Consciously carry your own kindness.  You can choose how to carry kindness.

Let’s offer kindness to the past.  Kindness to the future.  Kindness to the parallel universes.  Kindness to right now.

Let’s become warriors of kindness!  Kindness is on the march!  Sometimes it takes courage and ferocity to sustain kindness in this world.  Let’s band together in kindness, with the beauty of our ancient, indigenous selves shimmering, to love the hell out of this kind of world and that kind.

Splash in the infinite pool of kindness.  Splash and make a a giant mess with kindness.  Splash yourself, splash each other.  Kindness can make a ruckus!   Kindness can be playful.

Why is it we call our species humankind?  Partly, it means we’re the kind of being that’s the human kind.  It must also be that the kind of human that we are is kind.

Here’s what the Oxford English Dictionary says:

kind Exhibiting friendly or benevolent disposition.  From Old English cynde, cunde.

kind Birth, origin, descent.  From Old English cunde, kunde.

kin A group of persons descended form a common ancestor.  From kun, Aryan, “to produce, engender, beget,” related to Latin, genus, Greek genesis.

This tells us humankind is descended from a common ancestor — Kindness.

Breathe kindness into your bones — the marrow bone.  Breathe kindness into your belly — soft belly, merciful belly.  Breath kindness into the heart, the lungs, the skin, the endocrine system, nervous system, reproductive system.

Fill the alchemical cup of the body with kindness, that body who has been kind enough to bring us to this very moment, this very spot.

Receive kindness from the body.  Kindness from the skin kindly enveloping the body.  Receive kindness from the heart kindly  beating the drum of love throughout our lives.  Receive kindness from the lungs who bring spirit into and out of the body.  Receive the kindness of the nervous system, little lightnings that make it possible to think and feel and be and go and do and rest.  Receive  the body’s kindness, kindly accompanying us and every step of our journey since conception.

Receive kindness from the food you ate and will eat today, sacrificing its own kind to kindly become the human kind.  As life we are destined to eat other life.  Kindly metabolize the grief  of eating other kin into a kind of beauty for all kinds.

What kind of sensation does kindness bring to the body?

Look into the eyes of Kindness.  Look into your own eyes.

Look out into your own life.  Feel the river of kindness flow through your body and carry you forward, again and again into your kind of life.

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  • 1 sharon // Jul 23, 2010 at 8:13 am

    Oh, so lovely. I can feel the kindness of your words as they remind me of the softness and potentiality of connecting with the kindness of my own skin and body. Thanks, Rachael!

  • 2 Jill Campana // Jul 23, 2010 at 11:42 am

    I’ve always sensed “kindness” from you Rachael. It is a word that is synonymous in my brain when I think of you. I love this blog and plan to use some of your beautiful thoughts in my upcoming classes.

    Thank you!


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